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Dynamic, interactive speaker who will bring high energy and passion to your event.

Practical Former Senior Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer experience with a $4 Billion company delivering high impact

Cutting edge leadership and innovation growth insights
driving real world results during tough economic times

• Jim's leadership teams consistently ranked in the top 5% of Gallup survey scores of engaged employees at all levels

Speaking topics focus on key growth drivers including Leading Growth During Economic Downturns, Sailing The Seven C's of  Emotional  Team Building Connections, Learning The 5 Essential Steps To Become True Growth Leaders, Discovering New Emotional  Customer Loyalty Connections, Winning With Cutting Edge Generational Leadership, Dynamic Growth Through Employer Branding, and Exceptional Innovation Through Customer Insights.

Jim's high impact and personalized event presentations deliver powerful, engaging messages to senior leaders, business leaders, entrepreneurs, or front-line employees. Contact Jim Welch today:

• Jim Welch is The Practical Growth Leader working with
businesses of all sizes to “breakthrough” to the next level.

New Book-Now Available!

A high powered business growth leadership book has arrived-one that business people who want to grow won't be able to put down.

The book entitled "GROW NOW- 8 Essential Steps To Flex Your Leadership Muscles" by Jim Welch is now available! It is a well crafted hardcover book featuring a powerful new growth leadership model with 8 well-defined and interlocking steps that will lead you and your team to a whole new level of success. The book combines a dynamic, fun, interactive, and casual writing style with a strong focus on what "really matters" to create high impact practical growth leaders throughout your team and organization.

"GROW NOW-8 Essential Steps to Flex Your Leadership Muscles" is available today for immediate shipping on Amazon Order right now to begin a new and inspiring growth journey with your team!

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"GROW NOW is a great read that says exactly what I believe is key in successful organizations, such as Southwest Airlines: Develop and build a strong growth culture that will support your vision and business. It is all about people. Very few organizations get it."

Howard Putnam, former CEO Southwest Airlines
Author of The Winds of Turbulence


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