"Leading Growth During Economic Downturns"
Jim Welch will take your audience on a journey delivering 8 Real World Leadership Techniques to motivate your leaders and teams right now to grow your business during the toughest of economic times. Jim will also highlight the 5 critical growth barriers that must be avoided or they will kill growth momentum with your leaders and employees. These techniques and barriers directly relate to our tough economic times. Jim's real world insights, humor, and energy will make your Event something special. More importantly, Jim's real world leadership and growth techniques will provide immediate top line and bottom line value for your team that they can begin using the next day.

"Sail The Seven C's Of Emotional Team Building Connections"

How do you connect with your front line employees? How do you retain and win the hearts of your team so they in turn emotionally connect with your customers every day building and sustaining their loyalty? Get ready to sail the Seven C's of emotional Leadership where you will discover new ways to build your team loyalty every day.This will be a dynamic, high energy, interactive, and fun leadership session that will share new techniques with real world applications you can begin using the next day.

"Cutting Edge Generational Leadership Growth"
How do you enable your Business to exceed business growth objectives with a rapidly changing workforce, which cuts across multiple generations?  Specific creative leadership ideas and techniques will be shared to help employees across generations build great teams, exceed growth objectives and have fun doing it! This session does not focus on only the generational differences, but how the similarities can be leveraged across the organization to create sustainable growth.

"Becoming A True Growth Leader"
What are the five major steps you must take to successfully leverage “what matters” and become a true growth leader in your organization?  What are the key characteristics of successful growth leaders that consistently win?  We will design an effective growth leader blueprint, which can be directly applied to your business.  You will learn the key  characteristics the most successful growth leaders employ to make results happen.

"Exceptional Innovation Through Customer Insights"
How do you “Ladder up” to higher level customer insights?  How do you create growth through innovation?  We will review a template for how to discover new customer insights in a rapidly changing marketplace. These are not the typical customer insights you leverage everyday in running your business.  They are discovered by focusing on growth through innovation in new ways while still leveraging your core capabilities.

"Discover New Emotional Connections That Build Customer Loyalty"
How do you increase and sustain customer loyalty?  Do you have a specific plan in place?  We will review the steps of how to build a high-impact customer loyalty growth plan focused around unique, higher level, emotional connections with your customers.  You will learn how to apply cutting edge, sustainable growth strategies that drive real world results.

"Dynamic Growth Through Your Employer Branding"
How do you win on the front line with Employer Branding?  This directly impacts the acquisition, engagement and retention of top talent in your organization.  Several studies indicate that front-line employee engagement and commitment with your Brand directly impacts innovation, improves execution, and grows customer loyalty.  You will build a specific work plan that outlines the steps to utilize Employer Branding to create sustainable growth throughout your organization.


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